From the President

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the Engineering Management Society of Serbia Web-site. I hope that you may find it informative and that it enables you to get in touch with us. As a non-profit, professional organisation we aim to provide the connective tissue for all of the stakeholders that have an interest in Engineering Management.

As a Society, EMSS is one of the youngest around, however, this region and society as a whole have given the industrialised world a reason to be on the „engineering map“ of the world thanks to engineers and scientists like Nikola Tesla, Mihajlo Pupin, Mileva Einstein, Pavle Savić or Milutin Milanković. What makes it even more interesting is that most of Serbian engineers have been very enterprising in the past: Pupin sold his famous coil patent to American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T), making him wealthy, while Tesla worked for Edison on the redesigning of Edison’s’ generators.

As a Society, I hope we can advance the practice of engineering and technology management as a professional discipline, encourage new generations of theoretical and conceptual developments for the management of organizations with a significant engineering or technical content, and promote the highest professional standards among its members

I hope you find the visit fruitful.